Yak Milk Soap (by Amdo Craft)

A yak’s wool, down, milk, meat, hide and dung are all valuable resources to a Tibetan family.  For this reason a yak is one of the family's most prized possessions.  Yak milk is superior to other milks.  It’s high fat content and richness in protein, vitamin A and calcium offer many nutritional benefits to a person living at 13,000 ft but it also lends to making a great moisture rich bar of soap.  Yak milk soap is very different from the commercial bars of soap purchased in supermarkets.  These soaps contain harsh chemicals which can irritate and dry out the skin.  Amdo Craft's Yak Milk Soap is made in small batches with saponified yak tallow, rapeseed oil and yak milk.  After a long harsh winter, the high content of moisturizing ingredients and great fragrances make Yak Milk Soap a nourishing treat to the skin.

Yak Milk Soap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and is 100% natural.