From the Founder

Many people have asked me why I would move half way around the world to start a yarn company? The answer is simple – to give hope to the poor where there seems to be so little. It’s one thing to look at a picture of the poor and only feel bad for them. It’s another thing to walk among the poor, to see their situation, and then do nothing to help.

Over ten years ago, I was backpacking in southwest China and traveled through dozens of mountain villages. The resounding theme of what I saw was desperation, an inability to meet the simplest needs. Because of a desire to help meet those needs, the idea behind The Rocking Yak was born. As one man, I am limited in time and resources. But together with a small team of foreign workers and about fifty local Tibetan employees, we are making a difference.

The Rocking Yak was established in 2008 to bring much needed income to Tibetan families living in poor communities in western China. We aim to empower these families in their choice to live a more traditional lifestyle, bringing economic value to the traditional skills of rearing yak and spinning wool. We strive to provide these women with sustainable employment at fair wages and in doing so, bring luxurious handcrafted products to you. When you purchase our hand-spun yarn or our hand-knit garments, you help make all of this a reality.


Bret Colledge
Founder of The Rocking Yak