Traditional Series Yarn

Our Traditional Series yarn is hand spun by Tibetan artisans using a drop spindle and 100% Tibetan yak down fiber. It is not mass produced on machines in a factory. It is not blended with other fibers. It is completely handmade with the best yak down fiber we can find. This soft yarn is warmer than wool but doesn't itch like wool. Get your hands on this beautiful yarn!

And because this yarn is hand-spun your purchase gives these ladies an opportunity to provide additional income for their families.

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The drop spindle produces a yarn that has a unique “thick and thin” inconsistency. Because we employ many Tibetan women to hand spin our yarn, we can provide our Traditional Series yarn in bulky, medium and light weights. See our list of yarn weights and our gauge chart for more details.


Our Traditional Series yarn comes in Natural Brown, Natural Grey, Cream, and a number of naturally-dyed colors. The natural brown and natural grey are the unprocessed colors of the fiber pulled from the yaks. No dyes. Very soft. The cream colored yarn is produced to give you a yarn that dyes beautifully or can be used on its own. This yarn also comes in a selection of hand-dyed colors made with 100% natural plant dyes.

See these colors in our Traditional Series hand-knit garments.

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