The Lives We Touch

Tsering Drolma is one of the many spinners that The Rocking Yak works with. She comes from a small rural village of ten homes and lives with her husband, their children and their grandchildren.

They live together in a traditional two-story Tibetan home with no running water and no bathroom. The first floor is where they keep their farm animals at night so no one will steal them. The second floor is where they live. The only heat in the house is from a wood stove in the main room. Life is not easy for rural farmers. Many are still using yaks to plow their fields. Tsering Drolma, who is in her mid-seventies, said she would love to come out of the fields where she still works. The work is too hard on her and she is afraid of getting sick at her age because of the cold and the rain.

A healthier alternative to working in the fields is one of the benefits our older spinners receive from working with The Rocking Yak. Several spinners have asked if they could spin down fiber for us full time.

Another benefit of working with The Rocking Yak is the extra income these rural Tibetan women receive from spinning yak down. As urban dwellers prosper in China’s growing economy, rural farmers struggle with the ever-rising costs of goods, health care, and schooling. The extra income from spinning helps these rural families make ends meet.

The Rocking Yak exists to help rural Tibetan women and their families by bringing the beautiful yak down yarn they spin to you.