6 Reasons Why Yak is Great for Babies

When I am giving a baby gift, there is certain criteria that I look for. I want the gift to be handmade, practical, loved by both mom and baby, and heirloom quality.  This usually means that I knit a gift using The Rocking Yak’s luxurious hand spun yarn.

Yak down yarn is the PERFECT choice for knitting baby items for these 6 reasons:

1. Yak down is naturally hypoallergenic and extremely soft on sensitive baby skin.
2. Yak down is super snugly and warm for tiny little bodies.
3. Yak down is naturally water resistant, keeping cold moisture away from baby.
4. Yak down is machine washable, making it easy for mom to clean, (wash in cold water and lay flat to dry).
5. Once knit, our yak down yarn as a beautiful soft drape that makes it easy to snuggle into.
6. We stand behind the integrity of our yarn, believing it to be the perfect choice for your next heirloom gift.

Now is a great time to get started on those new baby gifts.  It’s still cold, we’re still stuck indoors, cabin fever is an all out epidemic, & knitting will keep you busy.