Product Series

One question which we are often asked is “What is the difference between your two series?” As there are a number of similarities, we understand the confusion! Here is the answer.

To begin, let’s take a quick look at a few similarities. Most significantly is the fact that both series are hand-knit by the dedicated women from the Tibetan Plateau. Every hat, mitten, or scarf is hand-knit in a rural area by Tibetan women. Along with this, everything is 100% yak down with nothing added nor removed. Each garment is from all natural yak down fibre, one of the softest fibres there is. The final similarity is that a few of the colours overlap, such as the cream and blue.

Now that you know the similarities, let’s define the differences between our Traditional Series along with the Snow Mountain Series.

The Traditional Series was the first of our products and in fact began with only natural brown. As we have grown as a company however, we have been able to develop our natural dyes and expand our colour range. Starting with natural brown, then cream, we were able to find local plants to dye the cream to expand our color palette. Our colours now include natural gray, walnut brown, spring green, indigo blue, and yellow. One of the main differences from this series in compared to the Snow Mountain Series is that each garment is both hand-spun and hand-knit. As a result of this, you are supporting not one woman, but two, as one is needed for the spinning and another to knit. The yak fibre is spun using a drop spindle, and is not mass produced in a factory. When you browse through our product catalogue you will notice some numbers beginning with 2 and others with 5. Those that begin with a 2 are the Traditional Series, and are entirely hand-spun and hand-knit. The hand-spun yarn is an absolute joy to knit with. Our artisan spinners create the softest yarn, created for warmth and beauty. Whether it be a hat that one of our knitters knit, or one you knit with the Traditional Series yarn, you will not be disappointed with its quality.

The Snow Mountain Series is the newer of our products and brings more colour choices. In comparison to the Traditional Series, the Snow Mountain Series has 8 colour options, 5 of which are entirely different from the Traditional Series. This bold colour series of yarn is spun by machines, creating a more consistent gauge that comes in handy to some knitters. Though the yarn is machine-spun, the garments are all hand-knit. Every scarf, hat, and mitten has been knit by women on the Tibetan Plateau. The Snow Mountain Series offers a vast range of products of varying colours and styles to suit your needs. Like the Traditional Series, 100% of it is yak down fibre, so you get all the benefits of wearing natural fibre. Search our product catalogue for the style that suits you.