Rocking Yak yarn is a great choice for those who love to create their own masterpieces. Our 100% natural yak down has all the warmth of wool without the itchiness. All yaks have two parts to their furry coats: guard hair and down. Our products are all made from the down, therefore making every mitten, hat, or scarf the softest it could possibly be, as well as hypoallergenic. Since yak down is a natural fibre it is naturally water-resistant and breathable which also allows for scent control. In the cold months of winter, the hats keep every individual impeccably warm, yet, they will never over heat in the autumn due to the breathable ability of our products. Even when it rains, yak down products perform well as they shed rain while keeping you warm.

Our 100% yak down yarn comes in two series to meet your needs.

The Traditional Series yarn is all hand-spun and naturally dyed from local plants. From the plant dyes come the earthy colours to complement your wardrobe. The weight of the yarn ranges from bulky to light weight (approximately 110yds/100g to 230yds/100g).

The Snow Mountain Series has bold colours and are machine-spun. As a result of being machine spun, the yarn has a consistent gauge at 200yds/100g. With various beautifully bright and vibrant colours to choose from you can accent any winter wear you already have!