Yarn Weights

samples of bulky, medium, and light yarn

Our Traditional Series Yarn is hand-spun. Our spinners use drop spindles which gives the yarn a characteristic “thick and thin” inconsistency. Because our yarn is hand-spun by many different spinners, we can offer a variety of weights.

Tibetan woman spinning yak down with a drop spindleBulky*: 90-120 yards/100g

Medium: 130-190 yards/100g

Our Medium weight yarn is divided into a heavier Winter Medium (130-160 yards) and a lighter Fall Medium (170-190 yards) weight.

Light: 200-290 yards/100g

Our Light weight yarn is divided into a medium Spring Light (200-240 yards) and a finer Summer Light* (250-290 yards) weight.

All figures are approximate.  For more details on our various yarn weights check out our gauge chart. If you are wanting to use our yarn in a pattern you have already picked out then learn how to convert between yarn weights.

* The majority of our yarn is Medium and Spring Light weight but we do produce a limited quantity of Bulky and Summer Light weight yarn each year. Availability of a particular weight is not always guaranteed.