A Tibetan woman and her husband plowing a field with a pair of yaks

Rocking Yak is committed to helping alleviate poverty among Tibetan families living in rural villages on the Tibetan Plateau. Aiming to empower these families in their choice to live a more traditional lifestyle, we are bringing economic value to the Tibetan skills the women have of spinning yarn and knitting clothing.

Instead of the burden of requiring these women to learn a new skill, Rocking Yak makes use of their already established skills of spinning and knitting. Traditionally, the ladies spun yak fibre to make their aprons and tents and to knit their sweaters. These skills are being further developed as they work with Rocking Yak.

We visit the villages regularly to bring them raw materials and to collect the newly spun yarn or knitted garments. Rocking Yak then markets and sells the hand-spun yarn and hand-knit garments in local and foreign markets around the world. Bringing the work to the ladies in the villages enables them to earn an income while still being able to complete their household and farming work. We work together with their schedules giving them the opportunity to plant and harvest as needed and to spin or knit when there is less field work to do.

Rocking Yak strives to provide these families with sustainable employment and a greater family income while instilling self-worth and pride in their unique culture.

Bringing sustainable employment to them
and luxurious handcrafted products to you.