Meet Our Knitters

Our knitters are truly extraordinary women. They are immeasurably dedicated and work tirelessly until the task at hand is complete. They all have an amazing passion for the work they do and it clearly comes out in their quality of work.  Many of them told us, if they had more time they would knit even more. They have a vibrancy for life that is unlike anything you could imagine.

Sons and Daughters

All of the women who knit with us have children as young as 1 year old to 21 years old. Working for us and being able to earn an income allows these hardworking moms to pay the additional fees that come with schooling and provide the supplies their children need to have a better quality of life. It is incredibly important to these women that their children get an education, as many of them only have two years and are thus unable to read or write themselves.

Rural Life

The women we employ come from rural, mountainous areas where there is little technology and everything is done by hand. When working in the fields, all weeds are pulled by hand, the planting is done by hand, and everything you could imagine needing to be done in the field is done by hand. Often the largest piece of equipment they use is a rototiller. On top of this, a number of the women have animals that must be looked after and cared for, feeding them twice a day, putting down new bedding, and milking cows. Unfortunately, for many of the women, their husbands work elsewhere and thus many of these responsibilities fall on them.

Though we may see the hardship and intense physical labour in their rural life, many would not trade it.  They can work and raise their families at the same time. They can grow their own food and know what they are eating. They usually live with aging parents, and are able to provide for their needs. The community around them works together and has a connection not seen in cities.

Rocking Yak is excited to provide opportunities for these ladies to stay in their own village and on their own land while earning an income to support their families.