New Look!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Rocking Yak website! With this new look comes a new logo and new products. Take a look around!

Find out more about us in How It’s Made. In Yak to Yarn you can learn how we take soft yak down fibre and craft it into beautiful yarn and hand-knit products. You can take a look at our Philosophy, or why we do what we do, and even meet some of our knitters.

And don’t forget to check out our growing collection of garments in our Product Catalog or in the Products section of our website.

If knitting your own creations is of more interest to you, then take a peek in Creative You where you can find helpful resources explaining our Yarn Weights and even download some Free Patterns.

What have you created with Rocking Yak yarn?  Where have you been with Rocking Yak garments? Follow us on social media and mention #rockingyak. We would love to share what you’ve knit or where you’ve worn Rocking Yak!