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Yak to Yarn
The Lives We Touch
Community Benefits of Knitting
Yak to Yarn The Rocking Yak goes to great lengths to bring you the very best yak down fiber on the market. From yak to yarn, learn how we make our Traditional Series hand-spun yarn.
The Lives We Touch Tsering Drolma is one of the many spinners that The Rocking Yak works with. She comes from a small rural village of ten homes and lives with her husband, their children and their grandchildren.
Community Benefits of Knitting A little while ago, the women in the knitting village asked us how much money they had earned over the year.  They wanted to tell their husbands how much they made.

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Handmade Tibetan Yak Down Products

Tibetan drop spindleThe Rocking Yak produces 100% Tibetan Yak down yarn and hand-knit garments using premium Tibetan yak down fiber.  Our beautiful products are handmade by rural Tibetan women using their traditional skills of spinning and knitting.  These skills help bring essential income to their families and communities.  Our passion is to provide sustainable employment for these women by paying fair wages for their beautiful work.

Whether purchased for yourself or as a gift, these are items to be cherished.

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